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Are you a songwriter who wants to give glory to God and can’t seem to find the right audience? Enter your songs in the Catholic Song Contest to be heard!

Catholic Song Cntest

Entries Begin August 1, 2022

The 2021 Song Contest Winners

2022 Contest

3 Grand Prizes

Grand Prize #1

Best Liturgical Song or Hymn

Write a song for people to sing together at Mass to worship God. Try using “We” instead of “I” in your lyrics, a melody that predictably repeats, and something that all levels of singers can join in on.

Grand Prize #2

Best Christian Popular Song

Do you have a song that is more suitable for Christian radio or the stage? Perhaps you have an anthem, an introspective song or one that praises God in a way that is very personal.

Grand Prize #3

Best Secular Song Informed by Faith

This category is for Catholic songwriters who write songs for a wider secular audience, informed by their Catholic faith, with the hope of drawing all people closer to God with great songwriting.

Category Prizes

Category Prize

Best Song About Mary

Write a song about Mary the Mother of God.

Category Prize

Best Song About The Saints

Think of their life stories set inside of a song.

Category Prize

Best Song About the Sacraments

Baptism, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Holy Matrimony – write about it!

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Sponsors provide non-cash awards to the contest winners and/or entrants and get their names or brands listed on the Catholic Song Contest website and in our email newsletters. Previous awards have been digital subscriptions to music production software and songwriting tools. We are open to any ideas you have. Learn More.


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Why a Catholic Song Contest?

The Catholic Song Contest was started to plant the seeds of a new music industry niche of songs and songwriters who want to create great art and transform culture.

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