Song Prompt #4

Liturgical Calendar

Second Sunday of Lent

Mass Readings

Gn 15, Ps 27, Phil 3, Lk 9

Saint(s) of the Day

St. Leander, Bishop of Seville

Reflections & Song Idea

Today’s Gospel is the story of the Transfiguration, when Jesus takes Peter, James, and John to the mountain top where they encounter Elijah and Moses. Jesus’ body and clothing become dazzling white. The Apostles become frightened when they are overcome by a cloud, but they hear a voice saying “This is my chosen Son; listen to him.”

Perhaps the song you write this week will be about finding God within darkness or shadows.

The first reading also tells of a deep and terrifying darkness that falls over Abram as the Lord establishes His covenant with him, promising Abram descendants that number among the stars and the land between Egypt and the Euphrates River. You can use elements of this story in your song about trusting God’s promises during times of darkness. Moreover, the responsorial psalm today has us proclaim, “The Lord is my light and my salvation.”

And the second reading tells us that, like Jesus during the Transfiguration, our own lowly bodies can be transformed to conform to Christ’s glorified body. Perhaps your song could be the story of you, someone else, or many other people being transfigured by Jesus.

The Song Form

Because we also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this week, the music we are giving you this week is based on the Irish folk song, Star of the County Down. Unlike previous weeks we are also providing a melody, as melody plays such an important part in Irish music, and this melody is old enough to be in the public domain.

Having a joyful feast day like St. Patrick’s Day in the middle of Lent is much like the readings for today, finding a light of hope and joy in the dark mysteries of turning inward during Lent.

This song form is just to get you started. Feel free to use it as is or change the chords, melody, rhythm, time signature, or key. The song you write should be your own, and this form is just to get you started.


Sheet Music (PDF)

Audio (MP3)


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