Song Prompt #13 – St. Isidore the Farmer

Liturgical Calendar

Fifth Sunday in of Lent

Mass Readings

Acts 14, Ps 45, Rev 21, Jn 13

Saint(s) of the Day

St. Isidore the Farmer. See or for more information and other saints of the day.

Reflections & Song Idea

The Saint of the Day today is St. Isidore the Farmer. He is the patron saint of farmers as well as the patron saint of Madrid, Spain.

Today’s song prompt is to write a song about farms, farming, or farmers. You can choose to write metaphorically about planting seeds and watching them grow, or you can be more literal.

Try to bring your own experience to the song. Think about the tools of farming, like a hoe or a tractor. Think about the life of a farmer, living his or her life by the seasons and the weather. Think about the smells and the animals and what is the end result of of all of the hard labor.

A farmer cooperates with God, using the land and soil and biological gifts He has provided us with. Let God cooperate with you too in your songwriting.

And if you are looking for more ideas to fill your lyrics, as always, be sure to read today’s Mass readings. You can find a link to those at our partner website,

The Song Form

The song form chosen for this song is an AABA form, 4/4 chord progression with a rhythm that is similar to the Memphis sound of the late 50’s and early 60’s. That city in Tennessee is surrounded by farmland, and the feeling of that sound lends itself well to a song about farming.

This song form is just to get you started. Feel free to use it as is or change the chords, rhythm, time signature, or key. The song you write should always be your own.


Sheet Music (PDF)

Audio (AAC)


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