Song Prompt #12 – Mother’s Day

Liturgical Calendar

Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Readings

Acts 13, Ps 100, Rev 7, Jn 10

Saint(s) of the Day

St. Hilary of Arles. See or for more information and other saints of the day.

Reflections & Song Idea

Today we are going to do something a little different. We’re going to recognize a secular holiday in the United States, but we are going to properly Christianize it. Of course, today is Mother’s Day. And the month of May is known as the month of Mary. So today’s song prompt will be to write a song about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

We are still in the Easter season. When the resurrected Christ appeared to His disciples, it had been a day or more since Easter Sunday. Some speculate this is because He first went to go visit his mother. Maybe your song could be about this encounter. Imagine the joy Mary must have felt after first seeing her son tortured and killed and then to see him alive again in His glorified body.

If you are looking for another idea, go through the 20 mysteries of the Rosary, and think about Our Lady’s perspective at any one of them. That might make a great song.

The Song Form

The song form chosen for this song is an AAB form as a slow ballad waltz. In this type of song form is good to use the B section as a repeating refrain that can be used after the two A sections set it up each time. What people remember mostly after listening will be this B section refrain, so make it good and make it something people will want to sing along to.

This song form is just to get you started. Feel free to use it as is or change the chords, rhythm, time signature, or key. The song you write should be your own, and this form is just to get you started.


Sheet Music (PDF)

Audio (AAC)


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