Song Prompt #1

Liturgical Calendar

Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Readings

1 Sm 26, Ps 103, 1 Cor 15:45-49, Lk 6:27-38

Saint(s) of the Day

Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto

Reflections & Song Idea

The Gospel reading today (Lk 6:27-38) is about forgiveness. Perhaps you could write a song about how you found it difficult to forgive someone or a story about two people who learned to forgive each other. Perhaps use the line “Forgiveness is a on-way street.”

Or since it is the day we recognize two of the visionary children who saw Blessed Mother at Fatima, perhaps you can write a song about Fatima or Marian apparitions in general.

About This Song Prompt

This prompt is a waltz in 3/4 time in the key of C.

Download the files below to help get you started writing lyrics and a melody. You can use them as-is or you can change anything about them – the rhythm, the chords, the song key, or the tempo. Make it your own, and write something that gives glory to God.


Sheet Music (PDF)

Audio (AAC)


4 thoughts on “Song Prompt #1”

    • I suggest downloading this audio (AAC) file and just listening to it a few times, and while you are doing that try humming a melody along to it, using dummy words like “do, di, da.” Then once you have a melody down, try to turn the “do, di, da” into real words.


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