Advanced Minor Key Chord Progressions

Below you will find examples of basic common chord progressions found in the minor keys of Western music. The examples are all in the key of Am, but they can be transposed to any key. If you are writing a song for your own voice, you should definitely transpose to the key that best fits your own vocal range. Audio examples might have embellished chords or inversions.

Starting On The i Chord

i – VII – i -V7

A minorAm9G(add9)F△9E7

i – iv – VII – i

A minorAm (add 9)Dm9F△9E7*
*Here played as A△7 +5 +11

i – VI – III – II

A minorAm9FMaj9C6BMaj9

i – ii – III – v – VI – VII – vii – VI

A minorAm9Bm7C△7Em7F△9GGm9F△9

Starting On The iv Chord

iv – I – v – VI v

KeyivIvVI v
A minorDm9Am9Em7F(add 9) Em7

Starting On The VI Chord

VI – iv – I – VII

A minorF(add 9)Dm7Am7G(sus4)

VI – VII – v – i III

A minorF(add 9)G*Em7Am7 CMaj7
*Played here as Em(add 11) / G

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