Dates Announced for 2022 Contest

The 2nd Annual Catholic Song Contest will begin accepting entries on August 1, 2022 and continue to accept entries until November 26, 2022.

There will be some changes from last year regarding the category awards. Instead of genre awards, the categories will be thematic, such as:

  • Best Song About Mary
  • Best Song About a Saint or All Saints
  • Best Pro-Life Song
  • etc.

Between now and August 1, those categories will become more well-defined, and if you would like to be a sponsor, you can create your own award category to sponsor.

There will be more announcements to follow, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and our podcast.

4 thoughts on “Dates Announced for 2022 Contest”

  1. Is it possible to submit a song two years in a row? I have one that didn’t suit last year’s categories, but might fit this year’s.

  2. Can a melody be submitted for a song written separately? Meaning that if lyrics are presented and then the melody by voice recording


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