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Point Clear Media

Point Clear Media is a boutique web development

Point Clear Media is a boutique web development and audio production company founded by creative media professional Burke Ingraffia (B.A. Theology, M. Humanities, M.B.A.). Point Clear Media supports all efforts to proclaim the Gospel of Christ to the world through modern technological means. For more information, please visit https://pointclearmedia.com.
Whether you’re writing a song, poem, script, novel or blog, MasterWriter will unlock all that the English language has to offer, and will help you to express yourself in a unique and meaningful way. Please visit https://masterwriter.com for more details.
Ignatius Press is an apostolate, a ministry of Guadalupe Associates, a church-based group of people who use their talents for the greater glory of God. Guadalupe Associates/Ignatius Press’s mission is to collaborate in the evangelizing, catechetical, liturgical, and educational work of the Catholic Church, through the publication and distribution of Catholic print, video, and audio materials, especially books and films, as well as through the internet and social media.
Franciscan Peacemakers
Franciscan Peacemakers provides a pathway to sustainable, healthy, safe, and productive lives for women engaging in prostitution due to trauma, human sex trafficking or drug addiction.

Their service approach includes street ministry, housing and healing, employment, and education.

Since 1995, Franciscan Peacemakers has been ministering on the streets of Milwaukee reaching out primarily to women engaging in prostitution but also to the homeless and families living in poverty. Bag lunches, personal care items and referrals to agencies able to address the complexity of women’s needs given histories of trauma and abuse provided an avenue to build relationships of trust with women.

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